Sustainable Luxury

Do you ever find yourself wondering if your closet is as sustainable as it could be? Are you worried that the people making your clothing aren’t being treated fairly? Well, you’re not alone. For the last six months, fashion journalists, designers, influencers, and anyone who cares about fashion have all had one thing on their minds: sustainable fashion. In fact, ethics and sustainability have both been a source of contention within the fashion community for years, and for good reason. The rate of global climate change has sped up dramatically in the past five years, leaving Earth’s inhabitants (us) scrambling to find a way to hit the reset button. Many have chosen to start by finding ways to diminish our ecological impact on a commercial scale.

And so, the hunt is on for ethical fashion; a task that should be fairly simple, but isn’t. In fact, the Google search for “sustainable clothing brands” has increased by 80% over the last 12 months. Many have suggested shopping second-hand as an alternative to the mainstream industry, but that can be time-consuming and frustrating. Besides, sometimes you want luxury, something your local charity shop can’t really give you.

Enter DeVerdi, an online platform with a strong focus on ethically sourced luxury goods. DeVerdi is the perfect solution for those struggling to find fair fashion. With several verified sustainable designers on the site, DeVerdi is tailored specifically to fit the needs of the socially conscious shopper, with an ideal mix of both affordable and high-end products. Their collections encompass both the home and the closet. Ethical jewelry via Ella Stern and Dos the Brand, sustainably made candles from [Kaskia] and, of course, fair-work clothing brands such as Atelier Jungles and Sense Swim are only some of what makes up DeVerdi’s roster. The dedication to remaining socially conscious is what makes DeVerdi’s platform so enticing. In order to even be considered for retail on their site, DeVerdi requires that their selection of designers use natural materials to ensure production causes as little harm as possible for the planet. DeVerdi is truly a breath of fresh air in what otherwise remains a polluted world.