New York Fashion Week in Review

The first New York Fashion Week of 2020 can be summed up in just three short words: modernity, comfort, and glamour. With several references from Marc Jacobs to the 60’s mod era, the city’s runways exuded femininity and prowess, and with the live entertainment as an additional feature, it’s clear that designers are determined to lift the phrase fashion “show” to new heights. All week, the garments shown were intimidatingly provocative, with pieces seeming to belong to the kind of person whose beauty will captivate you from across the room, and yet you can’t find the courage to approach them. And yes, them is grammatically correct, both in gender-politics and in fashion’s approach to androgyny, which was strongest in Dion Lee’s jewelry-inspired fall season. From Sally LaPointe to Oscar de la Renta, the fabrics and materials used were basted in luxury, speaking to a revitalized sense of maximalist opulence. Fur, leather, and silk were all prominent players across the runways, both faux and real as far as pelts go. The Hollywood glam-Esque renaissance comes at an interesting time, in which the fashion industry has just begun its (long overdue) conversation on sustainability and the environment. Despite the everpresent controversy surrounding the materials, the look and attitude these choices give off are undeniably glamorous.

The Trends

The Puffy Sleeve

Western Boots

Sequins & Sparkle

Halter Tops

Large Bags